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     Quality Nanny and Sitter Placement Service

We provide a variety of services for you. Our services range from occasional babysitting sessions, to full time or part time employment. Our nannies are available all hours during the day or night and even offer over-night and weekend coverage. Some families have even selected a nanny through us to work for them on an "as needed" basis. These occasions may include last minute babysitting, help with birthday and graduation parties, sporting events, weddings, business trips, and more.

All service include light housekeeping, meal preparation/clean up, and educational activities for the children.

Nanny/Sitting Services

A nanny may work full-time, part-time and will typically live out of the home. Our nannies and sitters nurture the children as if they were their own. They may plan activities and outings, come up with educational activities to teach them, art projects, read, play, etc. The nanny is responsible for both the physical and emotional needs of the children.  All of our nannies have at least two to three years of professional experience in the child care industry.

Professional Full-Time Nannies

A professional nanny will have at least 3 to 5 years childcare experience, with 2 or more of those years being a “Nanny”. The professional nanny will have a great deal of experience, perhaps even some training in child development or education. A professional nanny considers this her career. This is not a job just to get her through college; as most professional nannies already have a college degree.

Post Natal Helper

A post natal helper is hired to care for your baby if you decide that you need some temporary help after you return home from the hospital.  A post-natal helper will assist in all newborn needs that take place during the day or night. They will feed, burp, diaper, rock, sing, administer medicine (upon parent’s approval), etc. A post-natal helper may work as little as a week or may work until that new little one is on a regular sleeping schedule. A post-natal helper must have experience with newborns and may have experience with multiples and/or premies.

Night Nanny

A night nanny is a childcare professional that works overnight shifts after the baby arrives home from the hospital. The Night Nanny's responsibilities include caring for the infant(s), bottle-feeding and/or breastfeeding support for the mother, comforting the infant(s), changing diapers, and tidying the nursery. The Night Nanny can also implement a sleep schedule to help infants sleep through the night. Night Nanny's may also perform light housework that pertains to the baby: including washing bottles and breast pump equipment, preparing formula for the following day, emptying the diaper pail and helping with the baby laundry.

Summer Nanny

During the school year, children's lives are so structured and scheduled. Wouldn't it be great to give your child a break from the everyday routine, and away from the TV? We offer a wonderful solution - summer nannies who come to your home on a full time, part-time or occasional basis. Nannies can plan fun activities and outings for your children as well as take children to activities you may already have scheduled. Most summer nannies are college students or teachers who are interested in caring for children during the summer months.

Tutor/Homework Helper

A homework helper normally watches school age children and is considered more of an educator or tutor. She will help the children excel in school, teach when child is not in school, supervise friends when over, and help maintain the household. Our homework helpers have a high success rate, especially with children who get bored easily, or have learning disorders.

Hotel Childcare/Visiting Baby Sitting Service

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, a trip's success often depends on the happiness and well being of accompanying children.  We have built a reputation as Manhattan’s leading domestic service agency by providing sensitive and nurturing sitters. Our hotel service is designed to provide you with excellent childcare for short notice events, illnesses or if you just want to go out to dinner for an evening. Our sitters come to your hotel room so you can feel at ease when traveling with your children.

How do I make a childcare reservation? To ensure availability, we encourage hotel guests to make reservations 24-48 hours in advance, however, please know that we are sometimes able to fill last minute requests. Call to make a reservation at (785) 817-1989.

When you call we will ask for the following information:
1. Your name and mailing address
2. Name and location of your hotel
3. Date and time of desired reservation (approximate start and end time; there is a 2 hour minimum per reservation)
4. Name and age of each child
5. Credit Card number

Personal Assistant/House Manager

This person may have little to no childcare duties. They are there to assist you in your day to day needs.  A personal assistant may help with light housework, errands, laundry, vacation planning, meal preparation, help in your office, etc.  Your house manager will make sure all family members or staff knows what they should be doing at all times.  A house manager will be making sure the house activities "run" smoothly with little or no effort on your end.

Nanny Share

If you have only one child or children over the age of three it may be worth considering a nanny share. Not only will this cut the costs in half it will also provide a regular playmate for your child. You may only operate a nanny share with one other family.

How do nanny shares work?

There are several different types of nanny shares:

    - Complete Share: Two families share a nanny five days per week, with the children being cared for together

    - Part-Time Share: Two families share a nanny 2-3 days per week, with the children being cared for together

    -As-Needed Share: Families share a nanny for an event, day, or even date night. Children are cared for together. 



Choosing a nanny share:
When choosing a nanny share the advice is the same as choosing a nanny. Even if you are interviewing a nanny who is very popular with another family, make up your own mind - don't just take their word on how wonderful she is. Remember, different families look for different things.   



Points to help you decide if a nanny share is for you:
Nanny shares are great for cutting costs and providing a playmate for your child, especially if you have just one child. 
For a nanny share to work, you must be able to compromise so that both families feel they are getting an equal deal. Both sides must listen to each other for it to be a success. At all costs you must avoid a situation where the nanny feels she is pulled in two different directions.  

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